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Case studies

There are already numerous scenarios where QualityGate has proven to be a beneficial investment even to huge companies like banks, who cannot take the risk of losing data due to poorly maintained software systems. Read the success stories to know how important, yet implicit using QualityGate really is!
"Which software development company should I choose?"

The following case study shows how QualityGate gives an objective, important quality characteristic which was somehow rarely calculated in the past. This characteristic helps the client choose the development company suitable for his needs. The case study also shows how this newly introduced attribute affected a client’s decision. We recommend it to anyone who thinks to find the best developers is of key importance.

QualityGate as an SLA monitor in banking environment

The following case study shows how the QualityGate source code analyzing and management system has been introduced into a bank environment as an SLA measurement tool – as well as the installation process and the most important experiences of the introduction and pilot period.

Let's calculate maintenance costs with QualityGate

In this case study, we demonstrate how Qualysoft – a software development company present on the international market – determined the future development and maintenance costs of a software project using QualityGate.